About Ickler


In April 1767, Grand Duke Karl Friedrich of Baden laid the groundwork for the development of the watch industry in Pforzheim, Germany. Already by that time, more than 240 years ago, the early foundation of the watch and jewelry industry had taken place, with the construction of a watch factory housed in an orphanage. He wanted to give the orphans the opportunity for economical independence by teaching them a valuable trade.

Pforzheim's worldwide importance as the center of the German watch and jewelry business was established by the beginning of the 20th century.


Karl Ickler founded the Ickler family business in 1924. He had previously worked as head of the manufacturing department for foreign companies. With this treasure of experience, he founded his own watch case manufacture. In 1947, his two sons rebuilt production, which had lay fallow during the war.


Today the company is managed by the third-generation Thomas Ickler.Ickler manufactures premiere quality watches and watch cases, made to the highest quality standards, for a demanding international clientele - all made in Germany.



With beginning of the new millennium planning and designing of the ARCHIMEDE started. In 2003, the first models came on to the market.

Soon it became clear that the basic model ARCHIMEDE Pilot' with it's excellent price relation would be very successfull. With different case sizes, versions of dials, automatic and chronograph movements, the 'Pilots' have found many customers all around the world. Also the other families of like Klassik, DeckWatch, SportTaucher and OutDoor are very popular.



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The LIMES brand

Ickler started making private label watches in 1990. With a desire to contribute their decades of experience in the watch industry, they began planning the LIMES brand a few years later.

With a fascination for fine, mechanical watches crafted mainly by hand, the concept was born: High quality mechanical movements combined with top grade Ickler made cases.

The LIMES collection includes the elegant Pharo family, the exclusive Chyros models and the sporty Endurance instrument watches.



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The ICKLER Watch Case manufacture

Since 1924 Ickler manufactures premiere quality watches and watch cases, made to the highest quality standards, for a demanding international clientele - all made in Germany.


  • Design
  • Construction
  • Prototyping
  • Parts Production
  • Surface finishing/treatment
  • Laser engraving
  • Assembling and controlling

The cases are crafted in-house, from solid blocks of stainless steel, pure titanium or 18 carat gold. The highly experienced employees use the latest high tech CNC machinery, which is guaranteeing ultimate precision. When it comes to polishing the surfaces, assembling parts and complete watches, and thorough quality control, Ickler relies on the careful human touch.



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Each watch made by Ickler is continuously quality controlled along every step of the manufacturing process. From turning and milling, to polishing and assembling of the multi-part cases, from the mounting of the movements, dials and hands, to the final quality check. Every time piece is thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory, and carries an international two year warranty.


Ickler watches will accompany its wearer for decades and each gaze upon the watch should be a pleasant moment. That's why the designers of Ickler renounce stylish trends in the design and put such great emphasis on valuable classic and premiere quality.