Planning and designing of the ARCHIMEDE line began at the turn of the new millennium. In 2003, the first models were brought to market. Offering exceptional quality at an affordable price point, it soon became clear that the entry-level ARCHIMEDE Pilot model would be very successful. With different case sizes, versions of dials, and the choice between automatic, handwound and chronograph movements, the Pilots have delighted innumerable customers all around the world. Since then, the Klassik, DeckWatch, SportTaucher and OutDoor families of watches have built up a considerable fan base of their own. If you plan to visit Germany, you are most welcome to visit us in Pforzheim and see our high-quality timepieces on-site.

LIMES is an internationally renowned German watch brand with over 90 years of outstanding craftsmanship in the watch industry. All the exclusive, classic watches are made in Pforzheim, Germany for people who appreciate fine art, craftsmanship and precision. Among the four LIMES watch families there are fine and distinguished timepieces with our in-house made heat blued steel hands (Pharo), professional Diving Watches (Endurance), Chyros I + II – Automatic and Open Balance (Chyros) and a complete new version of the NightFlight. The LIMES watches are available with Automatic- , Handwound- and Chronograph movements.

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ARCHIMEDE Pilot 42 GMT –  Fliegerwatch with 2. timezone and our in-house made heat blued steel hands. LIMES Pharo Chronograph – Full Calender Chronograph with moon phase, 42 mm ICKLER case ARCHIMEDE Pilot 42 A – the classic Pilot timepiece among the Pilot watches
ARCHIMEDE Pilot 42 H – Pilots Watch with heat blued steel hands, without date and branding ARCHIMEDE Pilot 42 H – Pilots Watch with heat blued steel hands, without date and branding LIMES Endurance – Sporty, precise and und robust diver watch, 30 ATM water resistance
LIMES NightFlight- The different Pilots Watch ARCHIMEDE OutDoor Protect – The scratch resistant Sports Utility Watch (SUW) ARCHIMEDE DeckWatch – The Hand Wound watch in the style of the old Marine watches